New Chapter in my life

On July 1 2017 I became a traveling rv’r I 

Purchased a travel trailer and Bella my border collie  (who’s smarter than her owner will be traveling the countryside 

  • And posting life’s adventures along the way. for our first couple of nights we stayed at the Missoula Walmart and got supplies we were there for 3 days and then we went down to Helena and  got there on the 4th and stayed till the 19th we stocked up supplies and got used to how everything worked,while in Helena met a man passing through pulling a small trailer handing out bible’s  and spreading the gospel. then on July 19th we came down to Bannock State Park and we have been camping there for the last 3 days. A great ghost town with a lot of history and where the Montana gold rush started. Then off to pike creek campgrounds in the beaverhead mountains for 3 days which was a very peaceful and tranquil environment. Then we went down to Butte mt townpump and stayed for 2 nights, stay tune and more to follow
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Hey Hillary

To whom it may concern. The reason I wanted to vote for the first women President was because I really wanted a women for President. I believed that men have screwed up this world for long enough and I thought it was time for a women to give it a shot.  I knew you would run as soon as you left the secretary of state position and then reality set in.  The reset button on Russia was a very negative part of your tenure as it didn’t do much for the Ukraine or Crimea, i.e. you lost. then you made the disastrous effects of bengazie you lied to those family memebers and denied it, shame on you!  Then the e-mail fiasco was beyond belief in that you set up your own private server. you said vote for me because I have experience yet after 30 years of experience you still think that wiping a hard drive with a cloth or after 30 years of experience you thought c on your e-mail’s ment alphabetical, I mean really. All you talked about was vote for me because I’m not Trump I wanted a women for President I was a life long Democrat and I wanted a INTELEGENT WOMEN for President and you could not inspire me. by blaming the Russians for your loss you are doing exactly what the Russians want you to do you are working for the Russians by trying to stop Trump that is unamerican you need to get behind Trump and unite the country the country should come first that’s what America is about

  • #hannity #trump #cnn #abc #msnbc #hillary #god


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Check out @EntrepreneursQ’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/EntrepreneursQ/status/549444721857552384?s=09

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11 Simple Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

11 Simple Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Save You Time http://bzfd.it/1zbysM6

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This Is How A Chef Makes You Breakfast

This Is How A Chef Makes You Breakfast http://bzfd.it/1AaZiCE

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Supertrawlers to be banned permanently from Australian waters | Environment | The Guardian

Dragon Mother

This can’t happen fast enough. It’s time for all countries to ban these monstrous destroyers of ecosystems.


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Writing and Reading, Democracy and Despotism

good read



Two writers, two talks, two beautifully-expressed arguments about the writer and his or her responsibilities, to the reader, to the craft, to the world. The first is a talk that Philip Pullman gave at the World Humanist Congress in Oxford this summer. I was lucky enough to be in the Sheldonian Theatre to listen to it, a talk that was, as so few are, thoughtful, provocative, illuminating and inspiring all at the same time. It has been republished in the latest issue of New Humanist. When I listened to Pullman, there was a section on the relationship between the writer and the reader that particularly struck me. Re-reading it in New Humanist, it still does; so I am republishing that section here. The whole talk is worth reading, though, so do get the latest issue of New Humanist, for Philip Pullman, and much else.

The second talk was…

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Baking Soda and Lemon: A Powerful Healing Combination for Your Health

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Allegiance To Humanity



Photo source: http://www.thoughtfulminds.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/earth-face.jpg


My poem “Allegiance To Humanity”

I pledge allegiance to humanity.

My allegiance has no flag,

Only love for equality.

I pledge allegiance to humanity,

Regardless of skin colour,




I pledge allegiance to humanity,

Created for beauty,

For its wondrous diversity.

Beauty has no flag,

It is all of humanity.

I pledge allegiance to humanity,

Not that of vanity,

We need love without borders,

All peoples deserve dignity.

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Focus: Mexico

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